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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 16, 2020

Many creatives struggle with channeling our energy. We have lots of ideas and find it challenging to focus. But what if we took a vertical stance and poured ALL of our creativity into ONE thing?

Ann Bennett is the award-winning graphic designer and marketing expert behind Renegade Branding, a firm that helps conscious entrepreneurs build a head-whipping brand identity that propels their profits to six-figures and beyond. Ann is on a mission to inspire entrepreneurs to honor and unleash their rebel voice, amplify their brilliance and change the world.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Ann joins Anjel to describe her renegade approach to business and explain why she built a brand to reflect her rebellious nature. She offers insight on the relationship between how much fun you have and how much money you make, discussing the forgiveness exercise she takes her clients through to promote cashflow. Listen in for Ann’s advice on uncovering your unique brand voice and learn to go deep and focus your creativity on ONE thing.

What You Will Learn

How Ann’s childhood informs her renegade approach to business

How 9/11 inspired Ann to reevaluate her life and become an entrepreneur

Why Ann built her brand around her rebellious nature

What Ann does to reframe failure as an opportunity to iterate

Ann’s advice on channeling all of your ideas and creativity into ONE thing

How Ann defines branding as an emotional expression

Ann’s challenge to move in the direction of your fear

The relationship between how much fun you have and how much money you make

Why Ann takes her clients through a forgiveness exercise to promote cashflow

Ann’s insight on fully living your one precious life

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