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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 23, 2020

Wicked-smart women want to be conscious shoppers. But how do you know when a business is genuinely built around a model of fair trade? A sustainable model that values the health of the planet and the dignity of all people?

Rikki Quintana is the creator of HoonArts Fair Trade, a verified Fair Trade business that makes it easy to shop ethically for memorable handmade fashion and gifts. Rikki practiced law for 31 years before founding HoonArts, and today, she partners with 100-plus master artisans (mostly rural women) in three countries in Central Asia. Rikki is passionate about using the fair trade model to build new bridges and help people see our common humanity.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Rikki joins Anjel to explain how her passion for connection inspired the creation of HoonArts and why building one-on-one relationships across cultures is key in forging a shared future. She describes how the pandemic has impacted her business, sharing what she is doing to build an online audience and how a strong money mindset is helping her move forward. Listen in for Rikki’s insight on what it takes to be a Fair Trade verified vendor and learn how to participate in a model that values people and planet over profit.

What You Will Learn

How Rikki’s passion for connection gave her the courage to create HoonArts

What inspired Rikki’s interest in international bridge building

Why 1:1 relationships with people from other cultures is key in forging a shared future

The challenges Rikki faced in stepping into entrepreneurship later in life (and what keeps her moving forward)

How Rikki pivoted in COVID to focus on building an online audience

How Rikki makes decisions around which master artisans to partner with and what products to include in her store

Why Rikki was inspired by a model of trade where people and planet are equal with profit

The arduous process of becoming a Fair Trade verified vendor

How the pandemic has impacted Rikki’s ability to do business internationally

How Rikki’s mindset work has helped her ease her inner bag lady’s fears when money is tight

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