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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 1, 2020

As women, we’re conditioned to suppress ourselves in order to keep the peace. For many of us, this means we either compromise our own values to avoid standing out OR we sever ties with people completely. But what if there’s a way to honor the community you’re a part of AND walk in your own truth? What if we CAN create mutually beneficial relationships where we show up as ourselves?

Lori Andrus is creator of The Crystal Shaman School, a platform that weaves the transformational practices of ceremony, shamanic journeying, divination and sacred creation to awaken individuals to their true inner brilliance. A practitioner of crystal shamanism and soulful traveler, Lori artfully blends ancient wisdom traditions with crystal insight, empowering heart-centered individuals to create vibrant, joy-filled and deeply rooted lives.

On this episode, Lori joins Emerald to explain how energy medicine helped her recover her voice and challenge us to express our own inner wisdom. She discusses the challenge of creating mutually beneficial relationships when belief systems are out of alignment, sharing her own experience with learning to contribute to a community without losing herself. Listen in for insight into how self-sufficiency can turn dysfunctional and learn to set the intention for recognizing and receiving the support to you need to thrive.

What You Will Learn

How shamanism + energy medicine helped Lori recover her voice

The distinction between performance and authentic expression

How Lori honors her family’s beliefs AND walks in her own truth

Creating mutually beneficial relationships despite disparate beliefs

How to nourish yourself and contribute love to your community

The dysfunction of our cultural value around self-sufficiency

Why we need support to keep moving forward on our journey

How to set the intention for recognizing and receiving support

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