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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 24, 2021

Dogs make a great pet but what if you could have a deeper connection and relationship with your dog? What if you could learn exactly what they want you to know?

Liz Murdoch is an Intuitive Animal Communicator specializing in dogs and their stories. She noticed her gift to communicate with dogs at a young age and began to really lean into it in her adult years. It wasn’t until she began to receive many referrals from people longing for help with their beloved dogs when she realized that she could create a business around her calling. Liz now works with people and dogs all around the world, helping them develop greater harmony as they go through life with their dog companion.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Liz joins Anjel to explain how she began her practice as a professional Intuitive Animal Communicator and learned to build an entire business around her incredible gift. Liz is committed to helping people and their dogs develop strong relationships that allow them to live a more enjoyable life with one another. Listen in for Liz’s insight on the importance of making the investment to deepen and widen the relationship with your dog and the benefits that can follow. 

What You Will Learn 

When Liz became a dog person at a young age

The jobs that Liz had growing up that involved animals 

The signs that led up to Liz deciding to pursue her talents more

When Liz had her distinct knowing to become an intuitive animal communicator as a career

How Liz knows that what she’s doing is the right thing for her in this time

The importance in having a mentor such as a business coach to help with behind the scenes foundational work 

Some awesome client success stories with their dogs

What it means to have a knowing 

The top reasons people book with Liz

Why it’s so important to learn to connect more deeply with your dog 

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