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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 7, 2022

Did you know that when you were a child, you created deep beliefs you don't even remember making, yet they inform your life now as an adult?

Experts have determined that we create our core beliefs of how "I am…" how "they are…" and how "life is… between our time in the womb and the time we are seven years old.

Some of these ideologies or 'vows' hold the key to why we keep repeating behaviors. Designed to keep us safe and serve us well, sometimes these beliefs linger long past their shelf life.

So, how can we discover and then release these childhood vows that are not serving us?

Kathi Sohn is the CEO of Body Memory Process, LLC. She holds a Master’s in National Security Studies from the Naval War College and a Master's in Conflict Resolution from George Mason University. In 2020, after 36 years in the U.S Department of Defense, she retired and took up the charge to share the powerful Body Memory Process created by her late husband David in the 80s.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Kathi joins Anjel to share her journey from the Department of Defense to falling in love with David. She'll share how David's healing modality helped her overcome one of her deep-seated fears and changed her life (hint: she's appearing on the Wickedly Smart Women podcast TODAY!).

Listen in as she discusses how a life crisis often sends us on a journey of self-discovery. She’ll share how the two-prong Body Memory Process can help us discover and release the childhood vows that are no longer serving us.

What You Will Learn

Why people often come to healing modalities when they are in crisis

The life experiences that helped Kathi be open to David's healing modality

The near-death experience that led David to create his healing process

The #1 thing that holds up back from being all we can be

How the body map is associated with our vows

The 3 underpinnings of the mind-body connection

How many vows does the average person have

The remarkable story of how the Body Memory Process helped one woman overcome her suicidal tendencies

Kathi shares the discovery that made her go 'all-in' in taking over David's healing mission

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