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Wickedly Smart Women

Aug 25, 2021

Are you hiding from your calling? Yvette Taylor spent years on the periphery of her purpose, building a wellness center and doing online marketing for spiritual entrepreneurs. But when she gave birth to her son, she had a conversation with the universe and said, ‘I am no longer prepared to do anything in my life that isn’t what I’m here for. And if my time is away from this little guy, it has to be the thing I’m here for because I’m not available for anything else.’

Yvette is the creator of the Energy Alignment Method or EAM, an internationally-recognized complementary therapy designed to help people shift their energy and transform their life experience. An award-winning transformational spiritual and business coach and bestselling author, Yvette has 20 years of experience in the self-development space, and she has trained over 100 mentors to share EAM with 50,000-plus people all over the world.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Yvette joins Anjel to explain why she initially hid from her calling to bring EAM to the world, describing how she was immersed in energy work but wasn’t fully living it. She shares her decision to pursue her purpose once her son was born, discussing how she gave birth to the Energy Alignment Method at about the same time and what she’s doing to bring EAM to the world. Listen in for Yvette’s insight on taking the pressure off money to perform for you and learn to stop hiding and step into YOUR purpose! 

What You Will Learn 

How Yvette hid from her calling to bring EAM to the world

The traumatic childhood experience that inspired Yvette’s self-development journey

How Yvette was immersed in energy work but wasn’t fully living it

How Yvette gave birth to her son and EAM in the same time frame

Yvette’s decision to pursue her purpose (and how the universe made her available to do just that)

Yvette’s process for training others to be EAM practitioners

How EAM mentors create the capacity for change through their presence

Yvette’s personal journey around money and vibration

How taking the pressure of money to perform for you heals your relationship with it

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