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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 28, 2021

A lot of us are living a life that looks good on paper. We’ve got the relationships and the careers we’re supposed to want. But those things may or may not align with the deepest desires of our heart. 

So, how do you identify whether you’re living a half-hearted life? How do you counter thousands of years of conditioning and choose yourself first? How do you become a Wholehearted Woman?

Lisa Winneke is the visionary behind The Wholehearted Woman, a mentoring program that supports women in cultivating a deeper connection with themselves, giving us the courage and confidence to bring our deepest desires to life. Lisa leverages her background in business and numerous energy modalities to help people stop settling for half-hearted living and start embodying the wholehearted. She also serves as the host of The Good News Guide Podcast.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lisa joins Anjel to share the moment she realized she was living a half-hearted life and explain how she resourced the courage to leave her marriage. She describes the conditioning that stops so many women from choosing ourselves, challenging us to face fear and doubt by tuning back into our vision of the life we want. Listen in for insight on investing in a coach to bring your body of work to life and find out how Lisa can help you embody the Wholehearted Woman archetype and find fulfillment in your personal and professional life!

What You Will Learn 

The AHA moment Lisa realized she was living a half-hearted life

How Lisa resourced the courage to choose herself and step out of her marriage

How Lisa’s relationships got stronger once she put herself first

The guilt and fear of judgement that stops many women from choosing ourselves

How to tune into your vision re: the financial support you need

What inspired Lisa to embody her true nature as an entrepreneur

Why Lisa invested in a coach to help her bring her body of work to life

The archetype of the Wholehearted Woman that Lisa is bringing into the world

Lisa’s commitment to helping women find fulfillment both personally and professionally

Who Lisa serves through her Wholehearted Woman mentoring

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