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Wickedly Smart Women

Feb 5, 2020

Going through a dark time can leave us distrusting our decisions and even questioning our worth. But if we can get curious about our challenges, they afford us a big opportunity for growth. After all, the fastest path out of the muck is through it. So, how can we learn to explore our darkness and grow into a new story?

Kymberlie Dimoz is the Founder and CEO of Lightning Rod Agency, and all-female consulting agency that helps fem-trepreneurs grow to their maximum potential. She leads a team of brilliant women in designing customized done-for-you marketing services, including copywriting, web design, branding and strategy development. Kym is on a mission to amplify her clients’ brilliance and help them hit their bold, audacious goals by way of tailor-made systems.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Kym joins Emerald to explain how being single and pregnant at 19 inspired her current work and why she believes that the greatest growth comes from exploring our darkness. She offers advice on navigating challenging times as a leader by knowing who you are and what you need AND embracing the humanness of your team. Listen in for Kym’s insight around the energy and momentum that come from asking for help and learn how to identify when you’re entering a new phase of growth.

What You Will Learn

How being single and pregnant at 19 inspired Kym’s current work

Kym’s insight on exploring your darkness to achieve big growth

How Kym navigates challenging times in her business

  • Structures in place for support (e.g.: run with friends)
  • Proactively take care of mental health every day
  • Embrace humanness + vulnerability with team

Why you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with

How Lightning Rod Agency offers its clients end-to-end marketing

Kym’s take on how being uncomfortable is necessary for growth

The energy and momentum that comes from asking for help

Kym’s pattern around money and how she was able to confront it

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