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Wickedly Smart Women

Mar 29, 2023

"When I look back on my success, nine out of ten startups fail. What helped me beat the odds was my ability to tune into people, inspiring them to take action and make a better world," - Lisa D.Foster

Plastic has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, but its convenience has come at a high cost. Millions of tons of plastic waste are dumped into our oceans and landfills every year, causing harm to wildlife and ecosystems. By 2050, it's estimated that there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

"I got mad about the plastic use, I got mad about the paper bag use, and I saw a different way,” Lisa D. Foster founded One Bag at a Time, a reusable grocery bag company, and grew it to an $8M business before selling it in 2017. Born into a Holocaust-affected family, Lisa overcame low expectations to become an English teacher before pivoting to become a purpose-driven eco-entrepreneur and pioneer in the fight against single-use plastic.  Now, as a business coach, she shares leadership and inspires change. She’s also the author of the book, Bag Lady.”

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lisa joins Anjel to share her journey of founding and then selling her successful reusable grocery bag company at its peak.

Listen in as she walks us through the impact one person can have on the world, the importance of taking action and the value of persistence, both in business and in life, and how it can help you overcome setbacks, achieve your goals, and become a better leader.

What You Will Learn

The impact of plastic on the environment and the inspiration behind One Bag at a Time Inc

Lisa's journey from introverted youth to English teacher to eco-entrepreneur

How Lisa's survivor mentality and persistence have driven her success

The importance of believing in oneself and finding purpose

How Lisa's experience as a teacher and leader influenced her approach to business coaching

How you can transition from one career or passion to another by following your heart and pursuing what you truly care about

What is great leadership

How working with a skilled coach or mentor can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals

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