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Wickedly Smart Women

Mar 4, 2020

What would you do differently if you had absolute faith in yourself and your mission? Is fear and self-doubt keeping you (and your business) from getting to the next level? Are you ready to get f’n real, stop hiding and start serving your purpose in a bigger, more profound way?

Lisa serves as the host of the groundbreaking Get F’n Real (GFR) Podcast, a confession-based show featuring soulful entrepreneurs, and the creator of the 12 GFR Commandments. She has 20-plus years of experience mentoring millionaire business owners and spent 15 years building a successful business as the Juicy Marketing Expert before she got f’n real and got aligned with her true purpose. Today, she is committed to helping other mission-inspired entrepreneurs get out of their own way, help more people and make more money!

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lisa joins Emerald to explain what inspired her to build a seven-figure business and why she walked away when it wasn’t making her happy. She shares the messy process of dismantling a business, describing how she got comfortable with not knowing what was next and how the 12 GFR Commandments emerged during that difficult time. Listen in to understand how fear and self-doubt impact cashflow and take on Lisa’s challenge to get f’n real and be unapologetically YOU!

What You Will Learn

Lisa’s insight around owning your mastery, expertise and beingness

What inspired Lisa first to build a seven-figure business and then let it go

How Lisa relaxed into not knowing as she dismantled her business

How Lisa came to create the 12 GFR Commandments

Why stopping is sometimes the most lucrative action we can take

Lisa’s belief that being unapologetically YOU leads to cashflow

Why it’s crucial to have faith in yourself and your mission

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