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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 4, 2023

In a divorce where there’s a lot of money on the line, people hire a forensic accountant to expose any hidden assets that should be considered in the settlement.

But what if you don’t have $10,000 to hire a forensic accountant? What can middle class women do to access information about their financial situation and secure the settlement they deserve in divorce?

Tracy Coenen is the Forensic Accountant behind Fraud Coach, a platform that helps women have better financial outcomes in divorce.

Tracy is also the creator of the Divorce Money Guide and author of Find Me the Money: Take Control, Uncover the Truth, and Win the Money You Deserve in Your Divorce.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Tracy joins Anjel to describe what a forensic accountant does and why she’s passionate about using her skills in the divorce space.

Tracy shares the top two ways people hide money in a marriage and explains how the Divorce Money Guide is designed to help you get the data you need for a fair settlement.

Listen in for Tracy’s insight on the cost of NOT investigating potential fraud in divorce and learn how to ask your spouse for information about your finances or access it on your own if they’re uncooperative!

What You Will Learn 

How Tracy started using her skills as a forensic accountant in the divorce space

What inspired Tracy’s interest in criminology and financial crime investigation

The role a forensic accountant plays in fraud investigations

What kind of divorce requires the services of a forensic accountant

How Tracy was called to help middle class women have better financial outcomes in divorce

The cost of not investigating potential financial fraud in divorce

Why Tracy encourages women to communicate about money before we get married

Tracy’s non-confrontational way to ask for access to information about your money if your husband handles the finances

How to access financial information on your own if your spouse uses delay tactics

The top 2 places where husbands hide money from their wives

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Tracy’s Divorce Money Guide

Find Me the Money: Take Control, Uncover the Truth, and Win the Money You Deserve in Your Divorce by Tracy Coenen

Wickedly Smart Women: Trusting Intuition, Taking Action, Transforming Worlds by Anjel B. Hartwell

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