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Wickedly Smart Women

Jul 6, 2022

What great things could you accomplish for humanity if you allowed your feminine energy to fuel your entrepreneurial journey?

Many women spend their entire lives working toward some finish line, or number on the scale, or in their bank account.

But when we do that, we miss out on the opportunity to connect to the power of our feelings and our feminine energy to discover what's really possible for us.

JB Owen is a fearless female leader, highly successful entrepreneur, world-class speaker, author, and powerful business owner. Through her acclaimed brand Ignite, JB helps people tell their unique stories and shows them how they can ignite their lives. Her international best-selling compilation books have reached bestseller status in over 12 countries and feature esteemed authors spanning the globe.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, JB joins Anjel to discuss her journey from successful business owner to walking away from it all when she found out it no longer fed her soul. She'll share how she's using her feminine energy in her new venture to help others create a legacy and change lives. 

Listen in as JB shares the spiritual practices that keep her grounded, why there's no such thing as no in her life, and how she's tapping into the flow of money so she can make a bigger impact in her quest to ignite a billion lives.

What You Will Learn

The 'virus in her brain' that was JB’s wake-up call to walk away from her successful business

JB's advice for starting your business off on the right foot

What a triple win looks like for JB

How to marry masculine energy with female empowerment for a sustainable heart-centered business

Why it's vital to tap into the flow of money

The gift of blessing the success of others

Why 'no' has no meaning to JB

Why successful entrepreneurship is not about the numbers or reaching the finish line

JB's practices for staying connected to what feeds her soul in an ever-changing world

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