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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 2, 2020

Computer engineering requires the use of the left brain, while energy healing leverages the right brain. And it takes a particularly gifted woman to make use of both. But what do you do when a traumatic brain injury takes away the ability to use either side of your brain very well? How do you heal yourself?

Born with the gift of healing, Susana is the creator of Healing Alternatives, a practice that helps people with neural impairments, especially those with brain trauma. She also has a PhD in computer engineering and 30 years of experience in building advanced technologies. But after suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) of her own, Susana shifted her focus to recovery—and using her ability as a healer to help others recover from similar trauma.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Susana joins Anjel to explain when she realized her capacity for healing and what inspired her to use her abilities to help people recover from brain injuries. She weighs in on what it was like to be one of few women working in advanced technology in the 1980’s, describing the surprising parallels between computer engineering and her work as a healer. Listen in for Susana’s insight into why few healers work with TBI and find out what she did to heal from her own debilitating brain injuries.

What You Will Learn

How Susana had been a healer since childhood without being conscious of her abilities

When Susana finally realized her capacity for healing

How Susana leveraged her healing capacity to help her son avoid surgery

How Susana’s fascination with the brain informed her work as a computer engineer

What inspired Susana to use her knowledge as a healer to help others recover from brain injuries

How Susana was constantly under the microscope as one of the few women working in advanced technology in the 1980’s

Why most healers don’t work with traumatic brain injury

The parallels between the AHA moment of healing and inventing something new

The devastating impact of Susana’s own brain injuries and what she did to heal herself

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