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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 11, 2023

Don't let fear of a challenging project hold you back from exploring the unknown and taking that first step.

Our guest on this episode, understands that trying something new can be difficult, and it's easy to come up with excuses not to start or pursue your dreams. Gina Casazza believes that "every single excuse is valid," but "you only get one life, so why not explore and try everything you want to try."

 On today's episode of the Wickedly Smart Women, Angel B. Harwell sits down with Gina Casazza as she shares her remarkable journey and insights, highlighting the importance of execution and commitment behind every idea.

Gina Casazza is a multi-talented individual who has explored diverse career paths, from the film industry to stand-up comedy, children's book writing, and self-care entrepreneurship. Her journey is filled with unique and challenging experiences, including training with a Navy SEAL, intentional kidnapping, and a decade-long journey to regain her hearing after losing it at 21.

Listen in as Gina shares her story, including what inspired her to launch Omnia, a tech jewelry company that offers aromatherapy crystal bracelets with NFC (Near Field Communication) charms that connect wearers to a self-care app equipping them with the tools they need for personal transformation.

Tune in to discover inspiration to embrace your challenges and take the leap toward your aspirations, goals, and growth.

What You Will Learn 

Gina shares her philosophy on learning and growth, and the importance of taking risks and facing rejection to achieve your goals

Gina shares how her unwavering commitment to exploring new opportunities and pursuing her dreams has shaped her remarkable journey

Learn about the unique challenges, Gina faced, such as losing her hearing at a young age, and the strategies she used to adapt and thrive despite her challenges

The value of taking the first step into uncharted territory, and why sometimes not knowing can be an advantage

Learn about the significance of adapting, learning, and making mistakes along the way

How Gina overcame the technological challenges in coding her self-care app

Discover how Omnia offers users a multi-sensory experience, connecting tangible beauty with the opportunity to achieve emotions like calm, joy, love, and inspiration 

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