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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 28, 2020

The quickest way to become an expert is by interviewing other experts. But how, exactly, do you build a media platform and then convince those experts to appear on your show? 

Raven Blair Glover, also known as The Talk Show Maven, is the founder of the Raven International Broadcasting Network and owner of the Beyond the Interview Agency. She began her radio journey at the age of 55 and has gone on to become a five-time award-winning host and recipient of the 2016 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award. Raven is passionate about teaching others how to become the Oprah in their niche with their own podcast or TV show.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Raven joins Anjel to describe how her dream of working in media was reignited in a hospital chapel and share the instructions to step up, show up and grow up that she received in that moment. She challenges us to let go of our pain and give ourselves permission to succeed, explaining why it’s selfish NOT to unleash our gifts on the world. Listen in for Raven’s insight on building your own successful media platform and learn how to celebrate each day as another opportunity to pursue you dreams!

What You Will Learn

How Raven’s dream of working in media reignited in the chapel of a hospital

The instructions to step up, show up and grow up that inspired Raven to start her podcast

Raven’s advice around making the decision that it’s YOUR time to shine

Why we have to let go of our pain and invest in ourselves in order to be successful

Raven’s take on why it’s selfish NOT to unleash your gifts in the world

How Raven leveraged a beginner’s mind to land interviews with well-known celebrities

What makes a NO an invitation to stay in action + how to use a YES to build momentum

Raven’s ICON System for building a profitable podcast platform

How Raven approaches the sales conversation with potential guests

How to honor what you’ve done right and celebrate each day as another opportunity

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