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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 2, 2022

Getting on the right stage, large or small, can open many doors for us.

But most of the time, the thought of public speaking gives us sweaty palms or anxiety.

We think we must be this master of the stage, like Steve Jobs, Elizabeth Gilbert, or Brene Brown.

You don’t. But you do need to take what’s unique about YOU and your story and share it in a way that’s compelling.

So, how can you get over your stage fright and learn powerfully deliver your story?

Laurie Gilbertson is a former New York City sex crime, organized crime, and homicide prosecutor, television legal analyst, educator, and entrepreneur. As the owner of Tribeca Blue Consulting, she helps professionals communicate with clarity, confidence, and creativity in their public speaking, presentations, trial work, and media appearances.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Laurie joins Anjel to share how her love of story helped her find success in the courtroom.

She’ll walk us through why she left the courtroom, her journey's transition, and how that opened the door for her to help others harness the power and potential of their own stories.

Listen in as Laurie shares how she uses the techniques she learned as a prosecutor and a television legal analyst to help her clients lean into the power and potential of their unique stories to share compelling narratives that impact their listeners.

What You Will Learn

Laurie shares her journey to becoming a prosecutor in the sex crimes unit

How the one fundamental secret of creating compelling arguments in the courtroom translates to public speaking

The mindset-changing experience that opened a new world of possibilities for Laurie

Why Laurie is driven to help others tell their stories

How to leverage the skills prosecutors and legal analysts use to grab the listener's attention

How one of Laurie's clients packaged his story to breakthrough to success

The secret essential component of telling an impactful story

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