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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 16, 2022

“Lack of money is not the problem. Not having money always has been and always will be a symptom of an underlying problem,” -Victoria Rader

Have you struggled with making money work for you?

At one point or another, almost all of us have.

But not having money is only a symptom of a root problem. Until you solve the root problem, you will only be able to solve your money problems temporarily.

So how can you make the heal the root problem so you can change your financial outlook once and for all?

If you have longed to shift your money mindset and begin the journey of prosperity, this episode is for you!

Victoria Rader, Ph.D., is a Possibility Coach and founder of YU2SHINE and the internationally Bestselling Author of Prosper mE: The 35 Universal Laws to Make Money Work for You. Victoria is a homeschooling mom turned top 1% realtor turned Doctor of Metaphysics. She equips her clients with spiritual practices, success principles, energy healing modalities, and practical applications to live a life of prosperity, fulfillment, and joy.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Victoria joins Anjel to share her journey from homeschooling mom to Ph.D. We discuss the universal laws around money and the 6 mental faculties from which all money problems originate.

Listen in as she shares her work with clients to help them discover the root of their money problems, her life-changing money mindset shift, and the financial breakthroughs her clients have experienced. Plus, her quiz to get you started on the journey of money empowerment today by taking.

What You Will Learn

Victoria shares her journey to becoming a PhD

What are common conscious beliefs

The 3 basic levels of empowerment

The healing lesson Victoria has learned about ‘the miracle of death’

The real reason you are broke

The distorted myth about money being the root problem

The HUGE mindset shift we ALL need to make about money

The 6 mental faculties where your money problems might originate from

How to discover your emotional mode of healing for more prosperity

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