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Wickedly Smart Women

Mar 25, 2020

Our pets are valued members of the family, offering us comfort, companionship and unconditional love. But if their health is in jeopardy and our vet doesn’t have answers, where do we turn? And what can we do to be proactive in keeping our furbabies happy and healthy for the long term?

Rachel Augusta is a certified Advanced Proficiency Healing Touch for Animals practitioner who serves animals all over the world. She works in hospitals, veterinary clinics, rehab facilities and shelters, supporting pets who are sick, injured or suffering from a terminal illness, age-related issues or trauma resulting from previous abuse. Rachel’s work has appeared in The New York Times, CNN, the BBC and People magazine, among many other media publications.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Rachel joins Emerald to explain how a difficult experience with her own cat’s health inspired her current work and why she can help more animals now that she’s not over-giving. She discusses what she does to get an animal’s body and brain in alignment, introducing us to the science behind the power of relaxation and happiness. Listen in for Rachel’s insight on how our emotions impact our pets and learn what you can do to keep your entire family healthy—and that includes your furbabies!

What You Will Learn

How animals have evolved to mask their illness

How Rachel’s experience with her own cat inspired her current work

What Rachel does to get your pet’s body and brain in alignment

Why Rachel can help more animals now that she’s not over-giving

The science behind the power of relaxation and happiness

The process of working with Rachel

  1. Initial consultation to learn full story
  2. Examine what’s happening in YOUR life
  3. Explore what’s in house (potential hormone disruptors)
  4. Hourlong private sessions

Rachel’s favorite success story of a Golden Retriever with an abdominal tumor

What Rachel’s membership site offers in terms of proactive care

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