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Wickedly Smart Women

Oct 18, 2023

Imagine a world where human beings return to living from the heart. Where we ascend to a higher state of evolution, recognize our divine essence and return to our full potential.

How extraordinary would it be to clear our primal fear energy and awaken into the next level of consciousness?

Viviane Chauvet is the Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar and Spiritual Teacher behind Infinite Healing from the Stars and Producer of the Infinite Star Connections Podcast.

An expert in 5D consciousness and intergalactic wisdom, Viviane is featured in the multi-award-winning documentary, Extraordinary: The Revelations.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Viviane joins Anjel to describe what it means to be an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar and how she communicates with the consciousness of the planet.

Viviane shares her experience with telepathy and explains what it looks like to communicate through our multidimensional senses.

Listen in for Viviane’s insight around the ascension timeline and learn how to grow to the next level of your own conscious evolution!

What You Will Learn 

How Viviane was born with a full awareness of being an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar

The soul partnership among several generations of Viviane’s family and her intergalactic group

Viviane’s purpose in helping humans return to our full potential

What it means to be an Advanced Arcturian Hybrid Avatar and how it allows Viviane to have direct conversations with the consciousness of the planet

How to access Viviane’s free ascension library of meditation videos

Viviane’s experience with telepathy (communicating through our multidimensional senses)

How Viviane defines the ascension timeline as a grand return of living from the heart

How light language invites us to awaken to the next level of our own conscious evolution

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