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Wickedly Smart Women

Aug 9, 2023

As entrepreneurs, we’re pressured to keep leveling up. To grow from five to six to seven or even eight figures.

But how is this never-ending pursuit of MORE working for you? Are you starting to feel exhausted? How do you continue to make money without sacrificing your health in the process?

Business Strategist Emily Kristofferson helps entrepreneurs get to the next income tax bracket without burning themselves out.

Emily has ten years of experience supporting online businesses, and she is dedicated to teaching entrepreneurs how to manage our energy and work smarter, not harder.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Emily joins Anjel to discuss how she helps entrepreneurs uncover the lessons in their fatigue and identify what they really want from their business.

Emily explains why business owners resist making space for rest, challenging us to stop being seduced by the ‘culture of busy’ and make intentional decisions about what we do and don’t do in our business. 

Listen in for Emily’s advice on recognizing the signs of burnout and learn how to uncover your personal definition of success and level up on your own terms!

What You Will Learn 

How Emily helps women entrepreneurs get to the next income tax bracket

Emily’s insight around the pressure to level up among entrepreneurs

Why Emily suggests a digital detox to determine what you really want from your business

How Emily’s background in the psychology of eating and integrative nutrition informs her work with entrepreneurs

How to uncover the soul lessons in your fatigue and make positive change

The case study of Emily’s client who changed her goal from $750K to summer by a lake

How Emily helps entrepreneurs make good money without burning out

Why entrepreneurs resist having the space for rest (and what to do about it)

How to recognize when it’s time for you to work with someone like Emily

What to do if you’re worn out from overdelivering at home and in business

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