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Wickedly Smart Women

Mar 24, 2021

The gurus tell us that marketing is about speaking to our prospective client’s pain points. But does poking at someone’s pain really make them want to do business with us for the long term? What if we shifted the focus of our messaging from problems to what’s possible?

Lisa Manyon is the Business Marketing Architect behind Write On Creative, an agency that helps businesses reverse engineer their most powerful solutions into profitable revenue streams—with million-dollar results. Lisa pioneered the Challenge-Solution-Invitation framework for marketing with integrity by focusing on PASSION points instead of pain points, and her work is featured in Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save the World.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lisa joins Anjel to share her vision around marketing to passion points, challenging us to align our business messaging with our values. She explains how her connection with Source gives her the confidence to do marketing differently and what she has learned about trying to force her own plans forward. Listen in for Lisa’s insight on retaining your ability for critical thinking and learn how to develop values-based business communication that reflects your desire to serve.

What You Will Learn 

What inspired Lisa to leave work at an ad agency and start her own business

Lisa’s vision around marketing to passion points rather than pain points

How Lisa’s connection with Source supports her in marketing differently than everyone else

Why your marketing needs to be in alignment with your values

How Lisa’s offerings evolved as she came to address the four components of a successful business

How Lisa’s marketing campaigns have helped clients achieve million-dollar results

Lisa’s advice on retaining your sense of sense and ability for critical thinking

What Lisa has learned about waiting for guidance vs. trying to force plans

Lisa’s practice of getting outside to connect directly with Source

How to navigate the unrest in the world without getting caught in the fray

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