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Wickedly Smart Women

Feb 17, 2021

We live in a society that believes our diagnosis. But what if our body is smarter than we think? What if we each have our own high-quality internal pharmacy? And what if we can use something as simple as orchestrated touch to reboot our body—and then let it take care of us?

Dr. Manon Bolliger is a naturopathic doctor with 30 years of experience in reconnecting people to their body and taking ownership of their choices in health. As the Founder and CEO of Bowen College, she has trained more than 2,500 healthcare practitioners in her signature BowenFirst touch therapy methodology. Dr. Manon has been featured on ABC, CTV and NBC, and she is the bestselling author of What Patients Don’t Say If Doctors Don’t Ask and A Healer in Every Household.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Dr. Manon joins Anjel to share the flashback to childhood trauma that redefined her medical career and inspired her to dig deeper into touch therapy. She explains how our body holds memories and informs the way we experience stress, challenging us to focus not on our diagnosis, but on our body’s extraordinary ability to heal. Listen in for Dr. Manon’s insight on the role the fascia plays in maintaining our health and learn how to reboot YOUR body by way of orchestrated touch!

What You Will Learn

What inspired Dr. Manon’s shift from law to naturopathic medicine

How Dr. Manon thinks about the role fear is playing in our response to COVID-19

The flashback to childhood trauma that redefined Dr. Manon’s medical career and motivated her to dig deeper into touch therapy

How our body holds memories and informs the way we perceive pain and stress

How Dr. Manon created the BowenFirst methodology for using touch therapy to deal with emotional and physical trauma

What caused Dr. Manon’s stage 4 cancer and how she healed herself naturally in just six months

How the fascia functions as our ‘internal intelligence service’

How a toxic load disrupts our fascia and manifests in physical symptoms

What we can do to reboot our nervous system through orchestrated touch

Dr. Manon’s challenge to shift from believing our diagnosis to believing in our body’s ability to heal

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What Patients Don’t Say If Doctors Don’t Ask: The Mindful Patient-Doctor Relationship by Dr. Manon Bolliger

A Healer in Every Household: Simple Solutions for Stress by Dr. Manon Bolliger

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