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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 24, 2019

Do you feel like you’re always playing a character? Trying to be who other people want? And protect your true self from criticism and rejection? What if you could detach from the character, reconnect with the truth of your Being, and let your higher essence rise up?

Joy Idries is a spiritual teacher and inner journey practitioner dedicated to showing people how to heal and unleash their true joy and wellbeing. She shares her own journey of healing from a lifetime of trauma and chronic illness—in a single weekend—in the book Joy Unleashed: Delightfully Navigating the Path of Conscious Awareness.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Joy joins Emerald to discuss the retreat that healed her chronic pain and share the experience of replenishing her cells with self-compassion. She offers insight around commanding cash flow commensurate to your value, describing how she leverages education and evidence to set boundaries around her worth. Listen in for Joy’s advice around detaching from your fear-based characters and discover the truth of your Being expressed as peace, love and pure joy!

What You Will Learn

How Joy healed chronic fatigue and depression in one weekend

Joy’s experience of replenishing with self-compassion and love

How trauma makes us lose the connection with ourselves

How Joy developed the self-worth to invest in her own healing

Joy’s insight on commanding cash flow equal to your value

How an openness to abundance makes it easy to set boundaries

How Joy uses education + evidence to demonstrate her value

Joy’s practices for embracing your full capacity to trust

How to sit with the void to discover the truth of your being

Joy’s advice around how to navigate your emotional triggers

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