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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 9, 2022

You want to do business with clients who align with your values. But being selective comes with a risk.

So, how do you learn to say NO to prospects who aren’t a good fit?

Amy Pyles is President of Saxum, an integrated digital marketing agency obsessed for good. Her team has expertise in helping brands and organizations foster community buy-in for a project or idea.

In her role as president, Amy oversees the execution of business and operational strategy and champions the alignment of people, business and clients.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Amy joins Anjel to explain where Saxum’s obsession for good comes from and how her team vets a client to ensure they’re in alignment.

Amy discusses how wearing a lot of hats throughout her career makes her a better leader and describes why digital marketing is generally more diverse and inclusive than other industries.

Listen in for Amy’s insight on setting boundaries around your time and learn how to say YES to the right clients—and NO to everyone else!

What You Will Learn

Where Saxum’s ‘obsession for good’ comes from

Amy’s journey to becoming president of Saxum and what ignited her desire to lead

Why Amy recommends wearing a lot of hats throughout your career

How Amy’s wide range of experience makes her a better leader

Why digital marketing is more diverse and inclusive than other industries

How Saxum builds community engagement for its clients

How Saxum serves anyone trying to accomplish a project or get community buy-in for an idea

How Amy’s team vets a client to ensure they’re in alignment (and how she handles it if they’re not a good fit)

Why saying YES to the right things attracts more of the right things

How Amy learned to set boundaries around her personal and professional life

Why Amy’s NO always comes with an alternative

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