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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 18, 2020

As humans, we’ve lost trust in our natural state of connection with creation. So, how do we get back to our essence and learn to listen to our knowing? How do we come to see the beauty in ourselves and start to stand in our radiance? How do we remember who we are?

Meilin Ehlke is a world-renowned artist and healer on a mission to support writers, speakers and entrepreneurs in creating infinite momentum. She helps clients get clarity on their purpose and act from a place of grandness, delivering their message to the world with passion and precision. Meilin is also the host of Sacred Sound Surprises and the Moving to Oneness Podcast.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Meilin joins Anjel to describe the peace that comes from embodying our truth, challenging us to return to our natural state of connection with the cosmos. She introduces us to her process for tapping into her knowing, setting an intention and then waiting for the conditions to unravel that make it easy to create. Listen in to understand how Meilin leverages sound to help people heal, giving us the tools to connect with Spirit and stand in our radiance!

What You Will Learn

How Meilin attracted the people she needed to unfold more and more of her essence

The peace that comes from embodying your own truth and expressing it in every moment

Meilin’s insight on how we humans have lost trust in our connection to the cosmos

How Meilin’s whole body is moved to the things that are medicine to her

How to set an intention and wait for the conditions to unravel that make it easy to create

Meilin’s ability to see the beauty in others and bring healing information through sound

How Meilin helps clients get comfortable in their own skin + develop the confidence to use their voices

Why we treat people and the planet differently once we see the beauty in ourselves

Meilin’s gift for helping people connect to Source and remember who we are

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