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Wickedly Smart Women

Apr 27, 2022

After narrowly escaping death when her plane crashed into a mountain, they told Joy Cooper she would never walk again. But she proved that she would do more than that, she would dance again.

Joy Cooper was the sole survivor of a plane crash in Alaska that killed three others, including her best friend. Circling the drain herself, she somehow held on until the rescuers came. But that was just the beginning of her journey.

Joy Cooper now has the privilege of sharing her experience of surviving that fatal plane crash. When she was told she would never walk again she dug in, determined to prove the doctors wrong and return to her job as an airport operations manager for United Airlines.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Joy Cooper joins Anjel to share the story of the circumstances that led up to that fateful day in the Alaskan wilderness, her quest for survival while she was alone on the mountainside, and her long journey to be able to walk again.

Listen in as Joy walks us through how the accident and her recovery tested her faith and what she learned about grace amid trials. Plus, she shares her grit and determination to overcome the impossible and dance again.

What You Will Learn 

Joy Cooper’s story of her plane crash into a mountain in Alaska

How Joy used her overcomer attitude and resilient spirit to survive

How the ‘still small voice’ helped her navigate her circumstances

How Joy kept her positive attitude while facing a dire diagnosis

Why it’s crucial to give yourself grace while being real with yourself about your circumstances

Why Joy surrounded herself with people who would support her dream of dancing again

How Joy advocated for herself to direct her own recovery

How Joy realized despite her circumstances she could she live a fulfilled life and impact others

How grace led Joy from that mountain to dancing the Salsa again

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