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Wickedly Smart Women

Mar 17, 2021

The logical brain knows the end before it starts. But the creative brain goes on a journey to discover what’s possible. And when you bring the high-frequency energy of creativity into your life, magic happens.

Laura Hollick is the award-winning artist and visionary guide behind Soul Art Studio, a sacred space that helps women cultivate their creative spiritual gifts and birth them into the world. She was featured in a Bravo documentary called ‘The Artist’s Life: Laura Hollick’ and led a TEDx Talk entitled ‘You Are the Art.’ Laura is on a mission to inspire audiences around the world through global events like International Soul Art Day, the Yoni Art Project and Soul Art TV.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Laura joins Anjel to explain how her creativity was born out of a longing to connect. She discusses how she developed the discipline to honor her vision and describes the unexpected surprises that come when we say YES to the creative process. Listen in for Laura’s insight on the healing capacity of what she calls yoni art and learn how to harness the expansive energy of creative power and bring your vision to life!

What You Will Learn

How Laura’s longing to connect as a kid inspired her imagination and creativity

How art affords Laura a sense of beauty, connection and love

How Laura developed the discipline to honor her vision and do whatever it takes to make it real

Laura’s challenge to find your love and let it drive you

Why nothing can stop your vision from coming through if it’s your true soul’s heartbeat

The magic that comes when you say YES to your creative power

The healing capacity of Laura’s yoni artwork

Why NOW is the time of us to get our root back and midwife who we can be as women

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