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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 31, 2024

Yes, art is beautiful. And it allows us to express ourselves and inspire others.

But the process of making art is also a spiritual process. If we’re open to it, the act of creativity gives us access to the divine.

Amy Zerner is a multi-disciplinary artist, illustrator and designer whose one-of-a-kind art couture jackets, coats and caftans are sold at Bergdorf Goodman.

A National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship Grant Winner, Amy has exhibited her paintings and mixed-media work extensively in individual and group shows.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Amy joins Anjel to discuss the role of art, beauty and creativity in an increasingly dark world.

Amy explains why you should have your own sacred space to create and describes how to become a channel for the divine while you’re making art.

Listen in to understand how art activates our resourcefulness and learn how the creative process can be a healing experience that connects you with a higher power.

What You Will Learn 

The role of creativity, art and beauty in an increasingly dark world

What it was like for Amy to put her tarot and oracle card decks out into the world

How Amy makes decisions around how and where to show her art

Why Amy sees making art as a spiritual process

How Amy thinks about the magic of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence

Amy’s advice around working with your significant other

How Amy allows herself to be a channel for the divine

Why Amy recommends making your own sacred space to create

Amy’s process for making mixed media fabric collages

How making art activates our resourcefulness, i.e.: sustainable art

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