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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 20, 2021

Play cultivates creativity. Creativity leads to innovation. Innovation solves problems. And problem-solving is what business is all about. So, how can we bring more play into our work? 

Nancy Mayer is the Chief Games Officer behind Power Play Profit Solutions, a consulting practice that builds businesses through innovative strategic plans, sponsorship programs and advisory boards. A rebel with a wealth of unconventional experience, Nancy has scaled businesses in arts and entertainment, media, manufacturing and software development. She is also the author of The Advisory Board Playbook, the definitive guide to building a world-class advisory board to serve your company.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Nancy joins Anjel to discuss what it looks like to be an opportunist in the best sense of the word and explain why play is essential in business. She shares her expertise in visual thinking, design thinking and gamification, describing how businesses can use games to gather valuable customer feedback. Listen in for Nancy’s insight on embracing failure as a gift and learn how your business can benefit from the collective intelligence of a formal advisory board.

What You Will Learn 

How Nancy’s resourcefulness and love of play led her to a leadership role

Why Nancy was drawn to building businesses for artists and facilitating event management

What it looks like to be an opportunist in the best sense of the word

Nancy’s ability to integrate multiple interests (e.g.: economics, computer science, music and motorcycles!)

Why play is essential in business and how it facilitates innovation

Nancy’s expertise in visual thinking, design thinking and gamification for business

The 3 types of games to play with customers to guide your business decisions

Nancy’s advice on embracing failure as a gift and following where it leads you

How Nancy leverages the collective intelligence of an advisory board to help businesses grow

The benefit of using an advisory board to ask for help in a formalized way 

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