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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 27, 2023

As a 19-year-old cadet at the US Air Force Academy, Nicole Kerr had a transformative near-death experience.

As she recovered, health became Nicole’s primary focus, inspiring her to explore the overlooked domains of emotional, energetic and spiritual wellbeing.

Today, Nicole is an award-winning wellness expert with 30-plus years of experience helping thousands of people make realistic, meaningful choices for lifelong health.

Nicole is also the bestselling author of You Are Deathless: A Near-Death Experience Taught Me How to Fully Live and Not Fear Death.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Nicole joins Anjel to explain how her NDE inspired her life’s mission to take away our fear of death.

Nicole discusses why spirituality is an essential component of our health and describes the three steps she took to transcend her own fear of death.

Listen in for Nicole’s insight on initiating the conversation about death and learn how recognizing the spark of God in you can help you love yourself and connect with others.

What You Will Learn 

How Nicole’s near-death experience inspired her work around health and wellness

Why Nicole describes her NDE as a transformative spiritual experience

How the memory of Nicole’s car crash came back to her in vivid detail many years later

How the angel of Nicole’s grandfather delivered her life’s mission

What makes spirituality an essential component of our health and wellness

3 things Nicole did to transcend her fear of death

How getting to a place where we love ourselves allows us to love and not judge others

Nicole’s hope that You Are Deathless will initiate a conversation about death

How our beliefs about God shape our relationship with death

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You Are Deathless: A Near-Death Experience Taught Me How to Fully Live and Not Fear Death by Nicole Kerr

Wickedly Smart Women: Trusting Intuition, Taking Action, Transforming Worlds by Anjel B. Hartwell

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