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Wickedly Smart Women

Feb 28, 2024

Does a career in film and television seem out of reach?

If you’ve dreamed of becoming a screenwriter, director, or maybe even an actor, serving as a script supervisor may be your shortcut to the inner circle.

But what is a script supervisor? And where can you go to train for the role?

Jennifer Carriere is the creator...

Feb 21, 2024

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or corporate executive, you need to influence the people around you.

But how do you get buy-in from investors, the board, your colleagues or the team you’re leading? Especially when those people have different learning styles and personalities?

Helen Dayen is the Wall Street veteran...

Feb 14, 2024

In her work at an executive search firm, Gina Riley noticed common mistakes that executive leaders were making in the interview process.

They struggled to articulate their strengths and explain how they showed up in the world uniquely.

And many lacked executive presence. In other words, they didn’t convey the...

Feb 7, 2024

When we think of human trafficking, most of us picture kidnapping and prostitution.

But the truth is, most victims are adults who’ve been trafficked by people they trust and forced to work for free.

And they may or may not realize that they’re being trafficked.

Amanda Blackwood is the Trauma Recovery Mentor behind