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Wickedly Smart Women

Apr 24, 2024

Do you have trouble setting boundaries?

Stephanie Jordan likens boundaries to building a backyard fence around your heart. And you get to choose who has access and at what level.

So, how do you establish healthy boundaries and communicate them to the people in your life?

Stephanie is a teacher, speaker and author of

Apr 17, 2024

What is your WILD? Are you honoring it?

It can be challenging to get out of the boxes the world puts us in, but what if we could? What if we pushed into our WILD and started radiating everything we are meant to be?

Dr. Jenny Nuccio is Founder and CEO of Imani Collective, an organization that combines the dual power of...

Apr 10, 2024

Most of us understand the concept of speaking what we want into reality.

But if we don’t take the next steps of believing that it’s possible for us, knowing we deserve it, and embodying our power as conscious creators, the law of attraction simply won’t work.

So, how do we embrace the idea that our dreams...

Apr 3, 2024

When Suzanne Jabour’s 22-year-old son lost his battle with depression, she became a student of grief.

She wanted to understand the process well enough to grieve healthfully herself and support others who were grieving Ben’s loss as well.

Suzanne eventually became a certified Grief Educator and Transformational...