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Wickedly Smart Women

Jul 28, 2021

Are you struggling with debt? Or simply having a hard time creating money flow in your business? What can you do to overcome the shame you feel around money and learn to trust yourself again? 

Michelle Atlas is the Business Mentor and Spiritual Guide behind Michelle Atlas Coaching, a practice designed to help intuitive...

Jul 21, 2021

Our ancestors are still a part of us. Their qualities don’t die with them but are passed down through the generations. And it’s important for us to tell their stories. As the descendant of both enslaved people and an American president, Bettye Kearse is especially committed to understanding the complicated history...

Jul 14, 2021

We carry our life story in our bodies. And for those of us who’ve experienced trauma, the mind-body connection manifests through tension.  But what if you have the power to release that tension? To stretch between earth and sky, finding strength in your story? 

Tammy Wise is the Mind-Body Fitness Expert behind

Jul 7, 2021

These days, most people are familiar with real estate and know someone who is in it. Though, most people still have a sour or confused view on real estate investing. Is it possible to start investing into real estate with no money? Can you really start as a one man show? Is the work worth it?

Dwan Bent-Twyford, the...