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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 4, 2019

Are you struggling with the feeling that you’re not enough? What if there was a way to convert your inner critic to a voice of compassion? What would you be able to accomplish if you were truly at ease with yourself?

Elizabeth Trinkaus is the President of Pinnacle View, a life-enrichment company designed to support women of all ages in living their best lives, and author of Enough Already! Yes, You Are, a book that aims to help readers wake up to their most authentic selves and live with more joy and satisfaction. Elizabeth is also the coauthor of Conversations on Success with Deepak Chopra and Success Simplified with Stephen Covey.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Elizabeth joins Emerald to share the genesis of her own feelings of not-enough. She describes her old story around having to work to earn love, explaining how she shifted that belief system and offering three practices for replacing own your inner critic. Listen in for Elizabeth’s insight into practicing compassionate self-talk and learn how her retreats can help you develop a lifelong friendship—with yourself!

What You Will Learn

What inspired Elizabeth to write Enough Already

Elizabeth’s old story around having to work for love

How Elizabeth found love by shifting her beliefs

Elizabeth’s top tools for shifting your belief system

1.      Write new story

2.      Change station

3.      SNL (stop, notice and love)

Moving from the voice of the critic to compassion

The retreat attendee who went from WTF to WTB

How retreats help you develop ease with yourself

Elizabeth’s insight on practicing positive self-talk

Why speaking kindly to yourself is a responsibility

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