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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 17, 2021

Even wicked-smart women sometimes fall into the trap of workaholism. And for many of us, overworking becomes an escape. We use work as an excuse to ignore the fact that we’re not happy. 

So, how does a workaholic learn to create boundaries and make intentional decisions around what we want life to look like? 

Karin Freeland is a certified Life and Reinvention Coach on a mission to help women transform their lives. Karin created the signature EDIT Your Life program to empower women with the tools and techniques to conquer our fears and find purpose. She is also the author of The Ins and Outs of My Vagina, a comedic memoir recounting the mishaps and misadventures she’s had over the past 40 years with a special partner in crime—her vagina, named V.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Karin joins Anjel to explain how she became a workaholic and share the question that inspired her to leave her corporate job. She reflects on how The Secret motivated her to finish her memoir and explores the idea of having a dialogue with your vagina central to the book. Listen in for Karin’s insight on building a business around your values and learn how she is navigating the transition from corporate exec to full-time author and entrepreneur.

What You Will Learn 

How Karin’s workaholism became an escape from her unhappiness

Why Karin was taken aback by the question, ‘What do you want to do before you die?’

How The Secret lit a fire in Karin to finish writing her memoir

Karin’s transition from the corporate world to full-time authorship

How a part-time consulting job gave Karin the runway to start her own business

How Karin’s memoir takes a comedic look at women’s sexuality

The idea of having a dialogue with your vagina (and what inspired the character V in Karin’s book)

What Karin is doing to make sure her workaholism doesn’t return

Why it’s crucial for women to build a business around our values

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