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Wickedly Smart Women

Jul 14, 2021

We carry our life story in our bodies. And for those of us who’ve experienced trauma, the mind-body connection manifests through tension.  But what if you have the power to release that tension? To stretch between earth and sky, finding strength in your story? 

Tammy Wise is the Mind-Body Fitness Expert behind BodyLogos, a wellness company that helps ambitious people surrender tension to gain strength. A former Broadway dancer turned Tao minister, Tammy was twice voted Best of Fitness by Time Out New York, and her work has been featured in New York Magazine, Natural Health and Shape Magazine, among many other publications. Tammy is also the author of The Art of Strength: Sculpt the Body—Train the Mind.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Tammy joins Anjel to explain how childhood sexual abuse led her to dance and describe how ballet helped her harness spiritual alignment. She shares her interest in the mind-body connection, discussing how what’s happening on an emotional plane influences the quality of our physical movement. Listen in for Tammy’s three-breath reset practice for working through trauma and learn how to change your life story through the art of strength.

What You Will Learn  

How experiencing childhood sexual abuse led Tammy to dance

How ballet helped Tammy learn spiritual alignment

What inspired Tammy to teach fitness (with a focus on strength training)

Tammy’s interest in how energy flows through the human body

Tammy’s journey to becoming a Tao minister

How Tammy developed the theory around the art of strength

How the emotional plane influences the quality of our movement

What gave Tammy the courage to talk about her abuse

Tammy’s 3-breath reset practice for working through trauma

How to leverage posture to change your life story

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