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Wickedly Smart Women

May 27, 2020

Are you doing everything ‘right’ and still not feeling fulfilled? Maybe you’re making good money and even doing work that contributes to the greater good. And yet, there’s still tension. If you’re ready to experience true fulfillment, it’s time to ask what parts of yourself you’re hiding. To align with your soul’s voice, show up with authenticity, and be of service to humanity.

Devi Adea is the soul-full speaker, coach and conscious business strategist behind the top-ranked Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast. She empowers entrepreneurs and leaders to embrace their soul’s purpose and share their message with the world to experience elevated freedom and fulfillment. Devi is also the creator of the popular Podcast on Purpose Online Academy, the host of Podcasters on Purpose, and four-time New Media Summit Icon of Influence.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Devi joins Emerald to explain why she hid her spiritual side for so long and describe how she finally found fulfillment by honoring ALL the parts of herself. Devi shares how she navigated the fear of revealing her spirituality to the world and explores how aligning with our soul’s voice can shift our relationship with money. Listen in for Devi’s insight on being guided by the small, still voice inside and find out why being yourself has become a prerequisite for business success.

What You Will Learn

The experience that taught Devi to hide her spiritual side

What made Devi realize that fulfillment is about contribution

How the Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast helped Devi integrate both parts of herself

Devi’s hesitance to explain spiritual principles to her coaching clients

How giving her feelings time and attention helped Devi navigate disclosure remorse

Devi’s mission to identify the gifts she takes for granted + use them to serve others

Why Devi believes we’re living in a time when authenticity is required

Devi’s advice on being guided by the small, still voice inside

The concept of having a ‘dive buddy’ for your business

How aligning with our soul’s voice bring can bring money to us

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