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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 8, 2021

In the West, a cancer diagnosis typically means major surgery and grueling chemotherapy treatment. But in traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, cancer is considered an imbalance. And healing starts with determining the cause of that imbalance and learning to respect your body and take care of yourself.

Jill Ayn Schneider is the Holistic Intuitive Life Coach behind Revolutionary Healer, a practice that helps people find the root cause of their imbalances and regain their health. Jill Ayn walked away from Western medicine in 1975 and healed herself from malignant cervical cancer using TCM, macrobiotics, meditation and a hike through Venezuela and Peru.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Jill Ayn joins Anjel to explain what inspired her to refuse surgery and chemotherapy, describing how she claimed her sovereignty in the face of a cancer diagnosis. She walks us through the steps she took to heal herself and shares how her healing retreats teach clients to take care of themselves. Listen in for Jill Ayn’s insight on filling your cup first and learn how to access the power of the breath to do essential healing around the mother and the womb.

What You Will Learn 

What inspired Jill Ayn to refuse surgery and heal herself from cervical cancer

How Jill Ayn sourced the hutzpah to claim her sovereignty in the face of a cancer diagnosis 

Jill Ayn’s decision to say YES to life and adopt a ‘show must go on’ philosophy

How Jill Ayn leveraged a macrobiotic diet, acupuncture, meditation, breathwork and prayer to heal from cancer

How Jill Ayn’s healing retreats teach clients to take care of themselves

Why it’s crucial to fill your cup first and then offer the overflow to others

Why showing her clients the power of love within themselves in the first step in healing

The client Jill Ayn helped heal from cervical cancer who went on to become a holistic healing practitioner

How to access the power of the breath to do essential healing of the mother and the womb

Jill Ayn’s insight around the womb as the seat of a woman’s rage

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International Macrobiotic Institute 

Cancer and the Philosophy of the Far East by George Ohsawa

Cancer as Perceived by the Patient by Jill Ayn Schneider

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