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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 19, 2022

You don’t have to choose between being a likable parent and disciplining your children. It’s very possible to achieve both. Unlike many others, Debra Kocis was shown this at a very young age by her father’s parenting approach. Though, how can families that haven’t been as lucky with their upbringing transform to a more proactive parenting approach?

Debra Kocis is a Savvy Parenting Expert certified in two comprehensive, nationally recognized parenting programs—previously featured on Oprah TV. She is also the creator of Transform Chaos with The K.I.D. Formula and Founder of Healthy Parenting 360. Debra’s passion in coaching parents started at a young age. Her father has always been a great role model for her and his parenting approach encouraged her to share her positive experience with others. Now, Debra works to help parents raise cooperative, respectful, and confident children, strengthening the entire family.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Debra joins Anjel to discuss the importance of healthy parenting and the impact it can have on children and families as a whole. She describes actionable shifts to take to empower your children, creating a better home environment. Listen in for insight on transforming your parenting, providing you and your children peace and deeper connection.  

What You Will Learn 

How Debra’s father raised her and impacted her as a child

What brought Debra to the field she is in

How Debra got involved in parenting classes

The parenting style that Debra encourages

How much reprogramming is involved with the parents vs the children

How you can educate yourself as a parent

Actionable shifts you can take to calm you and your child

How to transform chaos in the home with the K.I.D. Formula

What respect looks like with a parent and child relationship

Overcoming your past parenting mistakes, teaching responsibility to your children

The importance of strengthening family bonds

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