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Wickedly Smart Women

Feb 3, 2021

Klana Andrea Ludwig spent many decades feeling like a misfit. She spent most of her time in her head, and she definitely didn’t feel sexy or even feminine. What did she do to connect with her body and nurture the sensuality she’d been missing?

Today, Klana is known as The Pleasure Alchemist, and she has ten-plus years of experience in the field of coaching, bodywork and sexual healing. Klana works with emotionally malnourished people who want support in learning to love themselves and attract the intimacy and joy they desire. She is committed to helping her clients bring mind, body, heart and soul into alignment and feel confident in their own skin.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Klana joins Anjel to discuss the turning point when she quit her safe life and started the journey to become a love and intimacy coach. She describes what sexological bodywork looks like, explaining how it works to keep us sane and keep our bodies healthy. Listen in for Klana’s insight on using breathwork to cultivate a sense of sensuality and learn her strategies for incorporating self-care in your daily life!

What You Will Learn

The turning point when Klana quit her safe life to train to be a professional coach

How Klana discovered her love of touch and shifted her focus to sexuality

What sexological bodywork looks like and how it clears the experiences we store in our bodies

Klana’s experience of deep knowing that she’s making the right decision

Klana’s insight around entrepreneurship as a journey in personal growth

How Klana prioritizes self-care through a morning routine and listening to her body

How to leverage breathwork to re-center when you feel fuzzy

Klana’s breath exercise for cultivating our sensuality

Klana’s challenge for listeners to prioritize our needs and focus first on BEING

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