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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 26, 2022

What happens when the life you finally achieve after dreaming of it for so long, is completely gone one day? You would feel devastated, defeated, broken. Inez Ribustello had this happen to her on 9/11 when she lost her dream job and had to start from scratch. So, what did she do to rebuild her life into something even more successful than she originally had?

Inez Ribustello is a sommelier, restaurateur, brewery founder and owner, wife and mother of two. Inez owns three businesses in eastern North Carolina and is the author of her first memoir, Life After Windows, where she details moving to Manhattan after college, getting her dream job, losing it on 9/11 and going back to her hometown to open up a restaurant and eventually a brewery, all while also raising a family. 

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Inez joins Anjel to discuss her journey going from her dream job as a Beverage Director at Windows on the World in 1 WTC, to having to rebuild her life from scratch after 9/11. Her resilience and determination as a multi-business owner and mom will be sure to inspire you and encourage you to use your struggles to fuel your flame instead of allowing them to continue to break you. Listen in for insight on how Inez managed to build 3 businesses after a life changing event and how you can take action on your goals as well, no matter where you may find yourself.

What You Will Learn 

Inez’s hard-working background

What inspired Inez to be a restaurateur

How the passion shifted from culinary to brewery

The commitment and determination that Inez has carried in her businesses

How Inez shifted her burn out and directed her focus on a different business approach

How the restaurant shifted when Inez shifted more of her focus on the brewery

The work that Inez does to pursue educational equity and social justice in her hometown

What makes an impactful business owner

Inez’s memoir, Life After Windows

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