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Wickedly Smart Women

Dec 27, 2019

When a relationship ends, it can feel like you’re never going to bounce back. But with the right tools, you can not only recover from old wounds, but develop whole new way of being that invites adventure—and attracts a whole different kind of partner.

Marci Fedor is the creator of Left Brain Love, a platform that helps high-achieving intellectuals attract their ideal relationship. Marci’s coaching career began after her own 30-year marriage ended in a ‘surprise’ divorce, and she was called to serve others in their own journey of healing. Marci has helped clients all over the world get unstuck from their past, reconcile old patterns, and start to live adventurous lives. Her background in NLP, transformational coaching, hypnotherapy and holistic health afford Marci an arsenal of techniques to help people start living new lives.

On this episode, Marci joins Emerald to explain how her own seven-year post-divorce healing process inspired her to help others accelerate their relationship recovery. She describes how recovering your power supports you in attracting a true partnership rather than a power struggle and shares the significance of asking yourself, “What do I want?” Listen in for insight on designing a vision that helps others AND serves you and learn how to say YES to yourself—and attract abundance in all aspects of your life!

What You Will Learn

What inspired Marci to help others accelerate the relationship recovery process

Marci’s lifelong desire to help people with relationships and personal growth

The AHA moment Marci experienced in training to be a holistic health coach

Why Marci serves single clients who are looking for a successful relationship

How recovering your power helps you attract a partnership vs. power struggle

The power of asking yourself the question, “What do I want?”

How to design a vision that helps others and recognizes what’s best for you

Why your relationship with money tends to mirror your personal relationships

Marci’s message for listeners around attracting love by saying YES to yourself

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