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Wickedly Smart Women

Nov 11, 2020

We tend to keep our spiritual and practical lives separate, believing that professionalism and magic are mutually exclusive. But what if we could use our spiritual gifts as a tool, fully and openly, to build powerhouse businesses that fulfill our purpose, make money and make a difference in the world?

Lia Dunlap is the Oracle on Purpose, an Intuitive Business Architect with 25 years of experience teaching entrepreneurs to unlock their unique life purpose. She is committed to helping conscious leaders avoid the mistakes that keep them frustrated about doing shallow work and anxious about having their gift die within them. Lia has supported thousands of clients in 76 countries, aligning their purpose with business strategy to create the impact they were born to make.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lia joins Anjel to describe how she helps clients identify their unique life purpose and use those gifts to serve the world. She shares the experience that inspired her to stop hiding and step into her full power as the Oracle on Purpose. Listen in for insight on the transformative experience of claiming the gift you are meant to be in this world and learn how Lia’s Purpose & Prosperity Roadmap can help you make the big, bold change toward purpose-driven work.

What You Will Learn

Lia’s ability to see truth from a very young age and the full body apparition that uncovered her calling

How Lia helps clients identify their unique life purpose + use their gifts to serve the world

Lia’s insight on bringing together the spiritual and practical aspects of our lives

How Lia’s Purpose & Prosperity Roadmap serves those of us who are ready to make a big, bold change

What inspired Lia to stop hiding and fully claim her identity as the Oracle on Purpose

The flow of energy that comes from embodying the gift you are meant to be in this world

How we can help the world shine brighter by being clear about who we are and why we’re here

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