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Wickedly Smart Women

Jun 23, 2021

What does it take to build and sell a successful business? Dr. Bee Thomas wrote her dissertation on the success factors of African American women entrepreneurs. And then she applied those principles in her own life to become a well-known author and cannabis entrepreneur.

Dr. Bee is the Cofounder and CEO of Sagelogica Consulting, an educational platform dedicated to helping CBD entrepreneurs launch a successful brand. She is also the author of Expect F*cking More: The 5 Keys to Business Success for African American Women and creator of the Expect More Formula training program. Known as Queen of the Cannabis Industry, Dr. Bee was instrumental in launching two of San Diego’s highest-rated dispensaries, and she built and sold the successful CDB company Hemplogica.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Dr. Bee joins Anjel to discuss how her first eCommerce venture ignited her entrepreneurial spirit and why a willingness to go with the flow is key to her success. She describes what inspired her interest in bringing her business acumen to the cannabis space and shares her experience negotiating the successful sale of her CBD brand. Listen in for insight on giving structure to your creative flow and learn Dr. Bee’s top five factors for business success!

What You Will Learn  

How Dr. Bee’s entrepreneurial spirit rose from a dark place

How Dr. Bee’s first eCommerce venture gave her the confidence to run her own business

The role Dr. Bee’s intuition plays in moving her in the direction of her vision

Why a willingness to go with the flow is key to Dr. Bee’s success

How studying successful women entrepreneurs gave Dr. Bee the confidence to quit her government job 

Dr. Bee’s mission to help other African American women business owners be successful

What inspired Dr. Bee’s interest in building a cannabis brand 

How Dr. Bee leverages her talent for writing to give structure to her creativity

Dr. Bee’s 5 factors of business success

Dr. Bee’s experience negotiating the sale of her company

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Expect F*cking More: The 5 Keys to Business Success for African American Women by Dr. Bee Thomas


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