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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 27, 2021

Many people live in fear and find a sense of comfort in continuing to live like that for the rest of their life. But what if you had the chance to take the power back and stop letting fear rule your life?

Lynda West, The Fear Buster, made the decision at 51 years old to face a fear everyday for a year after living her entire life controlled by it. In Lynda’s year of fear she managed to learn so much and came out completely transformed. She couldn’t just keep it all to herself so she decided to start Women Acton Takers. Lynda shares the 7 most important lessons she learned in her book, The Year of Fears.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Lynda joins Anjel to explain how her journey going from an abusive childhood to conquering her fears in her 50’s and helping others do the same. In Lynda’s year of fears she gained confidence she’d thought she’d never have and is now able to lend people her own confidence to support them through their fears. Listen in for Lynda’s insight on how transformative taking action and control over her life has been and the success she sees in her clients who are choosing to do the same.

What You Will Learn 

Growing up in an abusive household and with an alcoholic father

The firm decision Lynda made to runaway from home at 5 years old

Dealing with childhood baggage into early adulthood

How undealt childhood trauma can cause similar trauma to occur in adulthood
Holding onto childhood trauma even into Lynda’s 50’s

Being comfortable in the chaos

When Lynda started her journey for change

Reaching out for help and hiring a life coach

Becoming addicted to positive change

What sparked the challenge to face a fear everyday for 365 days

The mentor who pushed Lynda to help others with what she’s learned through her fear challenge

How Lynda’s family reacted to her positive change

How Lynda supports people through their fears 

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