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Wickedly Smart Women

Jul 15, 2020

Each time you’re triggered, less-than-good feelings arise in your body. The question is, are you carrying that heaviness around with you? And if so, what can you do to clear that energy and keep your vibe high?

Amy Huentelman is the mind/body coach behind inVigor8, the world’s first 8-minute daily energetic cleanse, and the cocreator of MindFlavors, a program designed to unlock the hidden power of the unconscious mind. Known as the Happiness Generator, Amy’s advanced approach combines guided meditation, powerful connected breathing, imaginating and hypnotherapy to help clients release resistance, raise their vibration and receive inspiration.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Amy joins Emerald to offer insight on how to recognize and trust your intuitive voice. She describes what to do when you’re triggered and need to clear any less-than-good energy, sharing the candle breath exercise she recommends for keeping your vibe high. Listen in for Amy’s advice on how to strengthen your inner guide and learn how to harness the power YOU have to create your own experience!

What You Will Learn

How Amy’s first experience with her inner voice led to her current work

Amy’s insight on how to recognize + trust your intuitive voice

Amy’s breathing exercise for bringing awareness into the body

What to do when you feel triggered to clear that less-than-good energy

How Amy’s 30-Day Transformation helps entrepreneurs upgrade our consciousness

The responsibility we have to keep our energy clear in a business partnership

What’s involved in Amy’s inVigor8 daily 8-minute energy cleanse

Why it’s important to be aware of the heaviness we’re carrying

Amy’s challenge to listeners to practice 30 days of candle breath

How to get to a place where you always know what to say or do

What you can do to be the creator of your own experience

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