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Wickedly Smart Women

Jan 5, 2022

What we focus on grows, especially when it comes to money. And Dr. Crystal Dawn learned this the hard way. Despite being a respected Professor of Finance and Economics who understood the inner workings of money, focusing on debt drove her to the brink of bankruptcy. So, what did she do to shift her focus, expand her consciousness and achieve financial freedom in just seven months?

Dr. Crystal is the keynote speaker and bestselling author behind the Conscious Economist, a platform designed to help people become confident decision-makers around their finances. After 22 years of teaching in university classrooms, Dr. Crystal found herself leaning into the blockchain space, choosing to free herself from the grind of working for someone else by investing in cryptocurrency. Now, she is committed to sharing the message of how to make the currently shifting economy work for you.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Dr. Crystal joins Anjel to discuss her philosophy of money as a tool that facilitates the movement of energy. She describes how her consciousness has evolved relative to money and shares her journey from bankruptcy to financial independence in just seven months. Listen in for insight on saving in crypto versus US dollars and learn how to expand YOUR wealth by getting in right relationship with money.

What You Will Learn  

What turned Dr. Crystal on to becoming an expert on all things money

Dr. Crystal’s philosophy of money as a tool that facilitates the movement of energy

How Dr. Crystal’s consciousness has evolved relative to money

Why what we focus on expands (especially when it comes to money)

How Dr. Crystal helps people make big decisions around money

Dr. Crystal’s journey to getting in right relationship with money 

How Dr. Crystal went from bankrupt to retired through cryptocurrency in 7 months

Why Dr. Crystal believes it’s safer to save in crypto than USD

Dr. Crystal’s experience of working with Anjel as both a client and coach

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