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Wickedly Smart Women

Sep 16, 2020

What if you have the power to create a new reality? Susan Kennard contends that once we expand our heart field, the dust falls away, leaving pure love in its place. And in that stillness, nothing external can hurt us, and we attract more love and light into our lives!

Susan is the Spiritual Scientist behind Awaken Your Gifts, Sparkle to Success, and a number of other programs that she runs both in-person and online. A specialist in Early Childhood Trauma, she spent many years as a Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Child Protection within the UK’s Local Authority. Today, Susan serves as a medium and channel, helping clients heal their heart field and align with their true mission, and she has been featured on British BBC2 and ITV TV.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Susan joins Emerald to share the spiritual awakening that put her on the path to becoming a master psychic, explaining how transcendental meditation helped her embrace her spiritual gifts. She describes how we’re all connected as souls having a human experience and introduces us to the power we have to create our own reality and transform our lives. Listen in for Susan’s advice to empaths on setting big-hearted boundaries and learn how to clear the dust and attract more light and love into your life.

What You Will Learn

The spiritual awakening that put Susan on the path to becoming a master psychic

How transcendental meditation ignited Susan’s consciousness

Susan’s insight on how we’re all connected as souls having a human experience

How to find a community that helps you work with and accept your spiritual gifts

The power we have to create our own reality and transform our lives

Why right now is the time for a global heart awakening

Susan’s advice for empaths on having a big heart and setting boundaries

The relationship between the dust in our field and what we attract into our lives

How to acknowledge your expansion by celebrating synchronicities

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