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Wickedly Smart Women

Mar 22, 2023

Did you know that 25% of a student’s college entrance rating is based on their essay?  

It’s more important than GPA or test scores. And a well-written college essay can translate to tens of thousands of dollars in guaranteed scholarship money.

Christy Sharafinski is Founder of Easier College Essays, a service that helps high school students craft college essays that tell their deepest story and complete college applications in a timely, low-stress way.

Christy supports students and their parents in developing a successful university admissions strategy, and she is committed to transforming your teen’s path to college and career.

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Christy joins Anjel to explain how the evolution of her businesses reflects the ages and stages of her own six children.

Christy shares the inspiration behind Easier College Essays and walks us through the story of a student she helped secure a guaranteed full-ride scholarship to his #1 school.

Listen in to understand when high school students should start thinking about their college admissions strategy and get Christy’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs on committing to a niche in your business!

What You Will Learn 

How Christy learned to be compassionate with herself as a mom-entrepreneur

How Christy thinks about making sure your business serves you (not the other way around) 

How the evolution of Christy’s businesses reflected the ages and stages of her six children

What inspired Christy to start Easier College Essays and how she learned the business

How Christy works with parents and students on college admissions strategy

The student who Christy helped secure a guaranteed full-ride scholarship to his #1 school

Why Christy suggests engaging her services when your child is a high school sophomore or junior

How essays weigh more heavily than GPA or test scores in college entrance ratings

The freedom and power that comes with committing to a niche in your business

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