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Wickedly Smart Women

Jul 13, 2022

“Addiction now touches every other person in this day and age.”

Are you dealing with an addiction crisis? Do you want to intervene, but you don’t know how?

If addiction is an issue impacting your family, this episode is for you!

Dana Golden has lived on the other side of addiction for most of her life. A nationally known speaker, Dana, is the co-author of Addiction Rescue; The NO BS Guide to Recovery. As a Certified Family Addiction and Recovery Coach, her mission is to bring solutions for recovery to families struggling with substance use disorder (SUD).

On this episode of Wickedly Smart Women, Dana joins Anjel to share her story of growing up in the home of an addict. She walks us through her own addiction cycle and the painful consequences of that experience.

Dana shares how she overcame her struggle with co-dependency, the negative consequences of cross-addiction, and the warning signs to watch out for that indicate your loved one is slipping into addiction.

Listen in as Dana shares her mission to reclaim her financial footing and manifest her dreams and passions post-addiction. Plus, how she is offering hope to other families so that they can do the same!

What You Will Learn

Dana’s story of placation, co-dependency, and recovery

Dana’s motivation and the tools she used to break the addiction cycle

The signs of co-dependency and how to dismantle enabler thinking

How cross-addiction keeps people from maintaining meaningful relationships

The key to unpacking your role in co-dependency

The often overlooked warning signs of addiction and relapse

Why keeping a loved one from the consequences of their addiction is a one-way ticket to disaster

How Dana helps her clients be proactive in helping their loved ones before they relapse

How Dana reclaimed her money empowerment post-addiction

How to find hope and healing on the other side of substance use disorder (SUD)

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